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Late Shri Sumatilal Shah  – The eldest member of the family and founder of this family diamond business. His key to success was the strong foundation with ethical business principles and the vision to run a global organization. The zest for the diamond business in his mind was always young.

Apart from business, he was the social anchor for the society and a leader in the area of work for social causes & religious causes.


Mr. Vinod Shah – The co-founder of the business, and currently Chairman of the SV Group, he always believes, "marketing is the main strength of our company"

He lends his advice and moral strength to the younger generation. The impeccable vision for being the best in the business and the philosophy to manage efficiently any level of business has been his greatest strength. Has always embedded the strong culture of unity, strength and efficiency in the management – the philosophy that runs within S.Vinodkumar from their generation to the next one...

“We established our Company in year 1978. It was the very humble beginning but with unity of the family in business we have grown over the years. Our reputation and work ethics are the two main assets and I am happy to see the next generation carrying it further.”

- Mr. Vinod Shah
Chairman, S.V Group



Mr. Kamlesh Shah – The youngest of the three brothers from the first generation of the family. He manages the rough diamond business and overlooks the entire diamond manufacturing process at Surat, India. Managing the vast infrastructure of cutting and polishing units which employ more than 2500 employees, his key interest is to take the company’s diamond manufacturing to the next level in terms of volume and quality...

“We manufacture only natural and conflict free rough diamonds. Our state of the art units employ more than 2500 workers who cut & polished top quality diamonds consumed by the best jewellery and watch manufacturers. All our units are built and run as per the Best Practice Principles as per the International Diamond Industry.”

- Mr Kamlesh Shah



Mr. Amish Shah –The eldest family member of the second generation, he is managing and is responsible for polished diamond business of the S.Vinodkumar Group. He is working with the vision to make the S.Vinodkumar Group, the largest diamond company in the Indian Diamond & Jewellery Industry...

“At SV Group, the highest degree of importance is given towards the product quality with over 45 years of experience in the rough polished & Jewellery business. We strongly believe in three parameters, quality, technology, experience which finally transform into a unique buying experience for our customers.”

- Mr. Amish Shah


Mr. Manish Shah – He jointly manages the polished diamond business from Mumbai, which acts as the hub of the S V Group loose diamond business worldwide. Manufacturing of loose diamonds, the purchases and meeting customer demands in timely fashion are the key areas of focus.

The Group has grown consistently and achieved many milestones globally, under the dynamic leadership of these two and with the second generation joining the company.

Apart from managing the polished diamond business, these two are responsible for key decisions shaping the Group's vision as well as making strategies to take the vision of the founders ahead ...

“At SV Group, the top management has passion and dedication for their work. The work environment that we provide to our entire workforce, helps bring out the best from them. Our relations with most of our customers are for more than two decades, this shows our commitment and consistent service behaviour towards them.”

- Mr. Manish Shah



Mr.Abhay Shah – He is incharge for the procurement of rough diamonds for the S V Group's large diamond manufacturing requirements. Based in Antwerp, he manages the sourcing of rough diamonds from direct sources & mining companies. We have contractual agreements with Top mining companies and the rough sourcing is key to the main vision of the company, which is to manufacture our own diamonds with the highest standards and market them to the top brands / jewellery manufacturers worldwide.

“Our diamond manufacturing activity is increasing 25% year on year, since 5 years and we have a growing need of rough diamonds from direct sources. We ensure that our rough diamonds originate from ethical, environmentally responsible and conflict free recourses.”

- Mr. Abhay Shah



Mr.Nimesh Shah- He manages the USA operations where polished diamonds as well as finished jewelry is distributed to the top retailers and manufacturers across the region.

“We are marketing & distributing polished diamonds and finished jewellery to major chain stores and top manufacturers across USA, Canada & South America. We are proud to have a high repeat percentage of customers, who value our consistent services.”

- Mr. Nimesh Shah



Mr.Ketan Shah - Based in Hong Kong, he manages the distribution and marketing of loose diamonds in South East Asia and Far East. Since 1987, R A Gem, the associate of S.Vinodkumar Group has established the numero uno position as the largest Indian polished diamond distributor by volume, in this region.

“SV Group's presence in Hong Kong from past 35 years has been extremely rewarded. We have consistently maintained our leading position in Hong Kong and South East Asia. SV Group is fully capable to cater to every need of customers here with a highly experience sales team and vast inventory.”

- Mr. Ketan Shah



Mr.Samir Shah - He looks after the jewellery business of the SV Group, under the name Indigo Jewellery. The company manufactures diamond studded jewellery in Seepz (exports), MIDC (domestic India) and in China. He looks after the jewellery marketing as well as manufacturing activities for the Indian market as well as the global markets, mainly US, Europe and Australia.

“Indigo is the name of our jewellery operations globally. We wish to carry forward the legacy of S.Vinodkumar in the fine diamond jewellery category, now. Our product & services are targeted mainly to retailers through whom we are happy to service consumers, across the world. The positive feedback and response we are getting on our jewellery creations make us believe, we can deliver growth year on year. ”


- Mr. Samir Shah