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1978 the year of modest beginning in the Indian diamond market, set the motion with incredible accomplishments that jet – propelled S. Vinodkumar Group around the world. Within a space of a quarter century, pioneers Mr. Sumatilal Shah and Mr. Vinod Shah created a glittering trajectory of achievements that now span the globe.

Our more than 35 years old global network of marketing associates at major diamond hubs like USA, Hong Kong, China, Belgium and Dubai provide sales and services to our most prestigious and loyal clients. Making S. Vinodkumar one of the leading exporters of polished diamonds and establishing it as a leading diamantaire in the global Gem and Jewellery market.

All through that long and often arduous journey, our core values of consistency and excellence kept our reputation aloft. Now, a younger generation is forging new vigour, professionalism and flexibility in our organization; which coupled with experience and expertise has strengthened the company from its root upwards.

At S. Vinodkumar, each division functions with the same ethics as the principal office and this is clearly visible with each area of business being that of strength and recording growth year on year! With a combination of having the best sources for rough diamonds and the ability to achieve sales of polished diamonds and finished jewellery at the highest possible downstream level, we are the destination that our customers look out for.